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Affiliate Program

Make money with getta!Table

The getta!Table affiliate program will pay you for spreading the word about getta!Table.


Its as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Create an account and get your affiliate link…
  2. Share on your website, blog, on Facebook, anywhere people click…
  3. When 10 people click you get $5… If 10 people make a purchase you get $50!

Ways you can make money with the getta!Table


  • Post text and display ads on your website
  • Share in blog posts
  • Tweet link to fans
  • Post on Facebook
  • Add to your Newsletters
  • We provide standard and custom display ads

  • Share on a blog
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Email your friends
  • Share the link on your favorite blogs and websites
  • Recruit friends and family to share the link

  • Post text and display ads on your website
  • Create an affiliate account for your church or non-profit
  • Ask members to share the link with friends, coworkers and family
  • Send out in newsletters

  • Earn extra cash by sharing the link with friends and family
  • Get friends to join and compete with each other
  • Create competitions with other teams, frats, sororities*
  • Earn money for school activities, groups and events